Key Peninsula North is a small rural town located on the Puget Sound in Southwestern Washington State. The KPN only has three traffic lights spanning miles of highway bordered by dense forests of tall evergreens and lush ferns. Water surrounds it on three sides. Grazing horses, sheep, and cattle farms dot the landscape. The descriptions I wrote for the fictitious town of Ships Cove, Washington where "VANILLA GRASS" takes place match where I live.


Before I moved to the Pacific Northwest I grew up in Los Angeles, California in the foothills beneath the iconic Hollywood sign. Our house looked like a castle with a painting of a knight holding a sword in one hand and a falcon on his shoulder. My father was a best-selling author and screenwriter. Watching him write every day made me also want to be a writer "when I grow up." My first stories were created when I was about five-years-old. My parents wrote down those fantastic tales of digging secret tunnels in the woods and talking bunnies. A writer has to start somewhere!


I graduated LAVC Junior College with an AA Degree in English and then transferred to California State University Northridge where I earned a BA in Anthropology and Standard Elementary Teaching Credential. Throughout college I was asked to edit student’s papers. Over the years I’ve edited plays, short stories, scripts, children’s books, and novels. Now I've penned three books: "GOOD FORTUNE," "VANILLA GRASS," and "WHITE DUNES." I quickly learned writing fiction requires more than being creative. It also involves doing extensive research.


I'm currently working on a sequel to "GOOD FORTUNE" and have ideas for my next two novels. I lose track of time when I write because I become so engrossed in my characters’ lives I actually see and hear them. When I write dialog I hear the conversations and type as fast as I can to keep up. Wherever I am, I’m constantly putting down ideas on note pads and scratch paper. Each book has its own collection of scribbled notes. I write different genres: Visionary, Contemporary, and Crime Fiction. Though there may be some dark places, the stories are always inspirational. All my tales share common themes of compassion, emotional healing, life lessons, and the importance of service to others based on the Buddhist teaching that suffering and compassion are linked. I write stories that are meaningful to me, that come from my heart, and use what lessons I've learned. I want my readers to feel uplifted and inspired, to come away with something of value, and not just be entertained.


Aside from reading and writing, I enjoy walking our Golden Retrievers, painting, mindfulness meditation, and volunteering for Golden Retriever rescue. Life has gone full circle. Bunnies live on our property, and dig warrens in the woods.

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Our house looked like a castle with a painting of a knight holding a sword in one hand and a falcon on his shoulder.
















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